Friday, February 12, 2010

Come, Let Us Write Together

I missed our installment of "Let's Go To The Map" yesterday, I apologize. We'll get back on track and have one next Thursday.

Today we are writing randomly.
Here are the rules:

I provide three random words. You write anything, incorporating those three words. Then post a link to your work (wherever you post your story) in the comments section.

The three words are: marshmallow, houseboat, valentine

I remember when we were ten. Our families were poor, but we didn't really care. We had everything we needed, even if we couldn't have everything we wanted. It was a simpler time. At Christmas you put some rose quartz in a paper lunch sack, and it was the best present I ever got. You made me a marshmallow valentine in February, and we talked about how we would get married some day and live in a houseboat. I'm glad that only half of that came true. I don't think I could live in a houseboat. And just so you know, if you gave me rose quartz in a paper lunch sack every Christmas till death do us part, it would be the best present I ever got.

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